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With a strong customer focus; Stephenson Transport aims to provide flexible, seamless transportation solutions to its customers by achieving:
– On time deliveries – 100%
– Damage to products – 0%
– Total injuries – 0%
– Meeting ALL customer requirements – 100%
– Customer satisfaction – 100%

We are a ‘Can Do’ company that offer a top class Transport Service and pride ourselves on quality and efficiency with the ability to fully align itself with the business goals and objectives of our customers. We understand that our customer’s success means our success; therefore we always ensure we represent customers’ in a very professional and friendly manner.

As an independently owned/operated Victorian company, we are focused on continually developing our processes and procedures to adhere to today’s changing legal and workplace environments; whilst maintaining a friendly and flexible attitude.

Our biggest advantage is our size; being a small business our drivers are the decision makers therefore are able to maintain a very high quality service and adapt to the situations of our clients. This allows swift responsiveness to any requirements, and also to any issues that arise during the day to day operations: Every company encounters challenges but it is the ability to immediately address and resolve these challenges that is important. We pride ourselves on this.

We are not a business that will enter into contracts/dealings for a quick profit; rather looking to develop long term relationships/dealings with customers. For the past 30 years Stephenson Transport has been based in the Gippsland region delivering to a large range of hardware and steel manufacturers. In this time it has had extremely low driver turnover allowing for what it believes to be an unquestionable advantage in terms of efficiency in routes, customer requirements/relations and knowledge of the area. After forming a company in 2007 STEPHENSON TRANSPORT has In more recent years work has extended outside Gippsland across Victoria, a large percentage of its work is now in the Metropolitan area.

After 30 years of operating in the industry, Stephenson Transport is able to offer extensive knowledge & experience to its customers, with fresh enthusiasm looking to grow and develop not only its own business but also that its customers.


Stephenson Transport always strives to employ drivers who have a strong work ethic and are highly motivated & reliable. We also maintain a low sick-leave rate; however, as much of our work is subcontracted our success has been based on our ability to be flexible & responsive to customer requirements. Our “cando” attitude has always ensured all customer requirements are fulfilled on time.


Stephenson Transport has always taken great pride in the upkeep and appearance of all our vehicles. We have always received very positive feedback on the condition of vehicles and believe this is important as it provides confidence and assurance to customers that their property, equipment and goods will be respected.

All our vehicles and equipment are always serviced and checked regularly to minimize interruptions to deliveries.


As stated in company overview, we understand our success is reliant on our customers success, therefore we are always looking for ways to work with our customers to improve processes and reduce costs.


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Management Team

Paul Stephenson
Managing Director

Paul is the founding member and owner of Stephenson Transport, starting the company with his father back in the early 2000s.

Tracy Riley
Finance Director

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Zachary Tyrrell
Administrations and IT

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