STEPHENSON TRANSPORT PTY LTD is committed to ensuring the safety of all its employees and customers. Due to the small size of the business and its commitment to safety STEPHENSON TRANSPORT PTY LTD has always maintained a very high standard in this area.


STEPHENSON TRANSPORT acknowledges the obligations of the employers’ general duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1995, and as such is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. This commitment extends to all locations employees are required to visit in order to undertake their duties.

It is the Policy of STEPHENSON TRANSPORT that no person will undertake any function, duty or task where that person believes they do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to perform the function, duty or task in a safe and healthy manner, or the performance of the function, duty or task places at harm or risk the individual or any other person.

The primary objective of the Safety Policy is to achieve an injury frequency rate of ZERO Lost Time Injuries/TI.

To ensure this objective is achieved and maintained STEPHENSON TRANSPORT will implement a Safety Plan and provide all personnel with training, safety information and Personnel Protective Equipment, and incorporate wherever possible measures to eliminate risks to personnel health and safety. We will ensure all our employees understand fully our safety policy and will ensure that all employees are fully aware and comply with current Occupational Health and Safety standards.

All personnel are to comply with all Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice that are relevant to the activities undertaken on behalf of STEPHENSON TRANSPORT, and are to act in accordance with the policies and procedures that have been established by us.

STEPHENSON TRANSPORT will actively promote consultation and co-operation between ourselves and our drivers in relation to all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety. We invite all our drivers to participate in maintaining and improving the Safety Policy and our Safety Procedures. Suggestions or concerns regarding the Safety Policy or Safety Procedures will always be treated with the upmost of importance and all suggestions and comments will be followed up with employees.


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