Our Equipment


Below is a list of STEPHENSON TRANSPORT’s vehicles and equipment:

- Prime Movers
- Crane Mounted Prime Movers
- Crane Mounted Tilt Tray
- Crane Mounted Extendible Trailer
- Extendable Trailers
- Flat Top Trailers
- Widening Drop Deck Trailers
- Side Loader Trailer
- Pilot Cars
- Road Trains


STEPHENSON TRANSPORT has always taken great pride in the upkeep and appearance of all its vehicles. It has always received very positive feedback on the condition of vehicles and believes this is important as it provides confidence and assurance to customers that their property, equipment and goods will be respected.

All our vehicles and equipment are always serviced and checked regularly to minimise interruptions to deliveries.

NOTE: One of Semi Cranes above has 22mtr reach with running rope which is ideal for commercial/builders jobs where customers require a crane to stand each truss up.

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